How it happens behind the scene when Gmail prompts us a complete sentence to put as a reply! Or how Garry Kasparov could lose the game against IBM Deep Blue! The answer is AI and ML algorithms that help machines or computers replicate human behavior; intelligence, smartness, emotion, articulation, and ability to learn the rules and gather experiences while working. Success Sensation is a Global Mobile app, Website Development, and Digital Marketing Service Agency in USA. We have a team of young and enthusiastic professionals who are sincerely dedicated to delivering your dreams into an exhilarating reality.

AI is the branch of computer science that aims at developing intelligent machines. AI works by combining large amounts of data through iterative processing and intelligent algorithms with superhuman speed and precision and allows the software to learn automatically from patterns in the data. Algorithms help in applying intelligence traits.

ML is an application or a subset of AI allowing machines to learn from data without being programmed explicitly. It fulfills the objective of learning and training the program that will be able to take decisions.

Huge data availability in today’s world has helped ML start moving to the cloud as data scientists are no longer required to custom code or manage infrastructure. AI and ML will help the systems to scale, create new models and deliver faster and accurate results through the unique ability of data mining and pattern recognition.

For many years, smartphones have been collecting data on users, their buying behavior, and market trends. AI and ML are put in place to use the data the mobile devices produce and intelligently process it to generate results that can be used to take important customer-centric market decisions. AI-backed by this data can be used in several mobile applications.

✦ Taxi apps: If you have a taxi service business on-demand, an AI-based app with ML, DL, and PA can offer you huge success by increasing productivity as AI helps to conclude on costing of a ride and waiting time reduction as soon as a taxi is booked and guides the taxi driver through the optimized route.

✦ Personal Assistant Apps: we bade adieu to Cortana in 2019 and since then AI is consistently improving the performance of voice assistants and keyboard suggestions by enhancing the comprehension power of the software even with the most incomprehensible inputs. AI can be used in eCommerce apps to help users search for the exact product using voice commands and uploading images. It can also be used in IoT apps for home automation, smart farming, smart security to name a few.

✦ Facial Recognition apps: AI mobile app development can help high-end camera apps to identify the right set of lenses for certain lighting. AI is also used in facial and age recognition and can help create 3D face IDs or any other biometric authentication for apps, authenticating payments, user logins, etc. Applicable in a wide range of industries like banking, eCommerce, healthcare, etc.

✦ Location tracking apps: AI algorithms can be used in location-based tracking of a user and hence retailers and marketers can use it in their apps to send offers, product discounts, nearest stores, etc. when a user enters the proximity of a store. It can also be used to recommend related products that a user may like based on their past purchases.

✦ Security apps: AI can also be used in cybersecurity. With rapidly expanding technology, smartphones demand advanced security apps that can prevent data theft from hackers.  AI with inbuilt learning capabilities can recommend best practices that guarantee the safety of data and privacy. All these functionalities can be offered as a part of your service app or as a dedicated app.

✦ Healthcare apps: Artificial intelligence in mobile app development can help monitor a user’s or patient’s health by keeping a track of their everyday activities such as medication, exercise, diets, etc. Healthcare apps have huge potential when it comes to AI in planning the treatment of patients and predicting success in case of surgery.

✦ Chatbots: AI, a critical component of Chatbot technology has vastly improved customer satisfaction since its inception with its capacity to serve several customers simultaneously. Moreover, every time they communicate with a user, they learn and improve with the interactive experience. These chatbots offer a range of applications in apps from eCommerce, education, banking, gaming, healthcare, due to non-stop conversation experience and unmatched problem-solving capabilities.

✦Astrology apps: The use of AI hasn’t been fully explored in this ever-growing business field and could prove to be a gold mine in the recent future with deep learning and predictive analytics capabilities of AI.


Every industry from marketing to medicine is transforming rapidly with AI capabilities today. A competitive edge can be attained by staying updated with transformational trends and use cases that surface every day and making the right investment decisions.

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