We have seen a lot of technological advancements in today’s world and technology has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. One of the most common aspects of technology in the digital world and to have a digital presence a business or an institution should have social media pages and most importantly a website. There are millions of websites online and anybody with an active internet connection can access these sites immediately. This helps a business or company to grow its operations and create a digital presence.

There are various ways to build a website and the two most common practices include using CMS tools or using other PHP-based frameworks like CodeIgniter.

CMS tools are very popular and allow the developer to create a website really easily. The management of the website is also really simple and even beginners can work on it. It has a lot of advantages but the possibilities are restricted when a developer uses CMS tools.

PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter offer endless possibilities and developers can go all out on their creativity and develop different features and make a dynamic site. This improves the website’s efficiency and the audience also gets a professional essence while surfing through the site.

How To Build Dynamic Sites With PHP Framework

✦ Website builders

Surprisingly there are online websites that help to create your own online site. Sites like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress.com, and many others are filled with powerful tools that allow users to develop websites without any programming knowledge. Everything is object-oriented and the user can just select the options or drag and drop the features. Everything on the website is customizable and the website can also be designed to look on good different devices like phones and laptops. The possibility of adding new features is limited while using such programs.

✦ CMS’s

Most of the Content management systems are developed in PHP and they offer a lot of options to the developers. Creating websites is really easy with CMS tools and many CMS open source applications help in developing websites. WordPress.org is one of the most popular CMS tools available online and almost 29.9% of websites that are online use WordPress to manage the content and to develop the sites. Since these CMS’s are open source there is a huge community that develops plugins and extinctions and other developers and users can make use of these plugins and add more features to the website. Developers can also use their coding knowledge and create their own features.

✦ Custom Coding

Developers can also create websites in the old-school way that is by using HTML and CSS. The possibility of creating an amazing website is very likely using HTML and custom coding helps developers to create every aspect of the website as and how they want it to be. All the functions and features are created by the developer. The developer needs a good programming understanding to create a website this way. A company can also hire a professional programmer to build a website this way.

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