Telegram and What’s app are two technological giants when it comes to messaging apps and they both are equally popular. Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 and this was one of the biggest business deals. Telegram was still getting popular during that acquisition. These text messaging applications are packed with useful features and the main purpose of using these applications is to communicate with one another.

It might cost more than $50,000 to develop an app like Telegram. We at Success Sensation offer app development services and help in developing text messaging applications. Our services are extremely affordable. Our clients tend to rely on us completely as we prefer customer satisfaction and push our developers to give their hundred percent.


Why is it so Costly to Develop an App like Telegram?

Messaging apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, etc have a lot of features and all these applications have their own special essence. It is important to include all the features and the most important task is to set up good security settings. Chats are generally encrypted end to end so that hackers cannot snoop into a user’s account and look at the messages. Developing all these features can cost a lot of money.

Here are Some Aspects of App Development Which cost a lot of Money:

✦ Facilitating access via multiple systems

It is a huge task to build applications for both IOS and for android users and these apps have to be developed separately and upon that facilitating desktop, access might push the expenses higher. Accessing the messages from the desktop is not easy as there should be a solid backend and front end developed for the website. Developing a secure website for desktop use will increase the challenges and thus increase the cost of development. This desktop might be costly but is worth the investment.

✦ GPS integration

Most text messaging applications like telegram have additional features where they can share their location and the receiver can trace the user’s location in real-time. This is a really useful feature and developing these kinds of features is challenging. The application should coordinate with the hardware of the phone and work on gathering the exactly coordinated and when real-time sharing is turned on, the application should keep updating the location by calculating the movements and checking the coordinates.

✦ Cloud storage

Cloud storage is another important aspect that requires shelling out some funds. The messages cannot be stored on the device. These messages should be stored on a cloud server and the server should be managed efficiently so that the user’s chats are not deleted or sent to some other user. It takes a lot of experience and time to develop such features and making sure that the data is safe is also a task for the developers. End-to-end encryption should also be enabled so that users trust the application and when they trust the application they start using it more often.

✦ Video streaming, GIF, File sharing

A messaging app is like a substitute for an email service. Users generally use these messaging apps to share data like pictures, videos, GIFs, documents, and all kinds of files. Developing a messaging system to accept all kinds of files and folders will involve a lot of work. The messaging applications also accept audio files, UPI payments, location requests, and many more.

✦ Maintenance

Maintenance of the application also involves spending money because developers have to work on looking for bugs, working on new features, launching updates, and making changes. The server should also be closely monitored and the variables should be modified according to the requirement.


Developing a messaging application is not so easy because there is huge competition. Companies have to focus on catering to the requirements of the public and add a special essence so that the messaging application doesn’t look like every other application. These apps are created to make communication faster and cheaper and the efficiency of the application also matters.

Success Sensations offer the best services when it comes to developing messaging applications. The developers work on creating all the above-mentioned features and develop a perfect application. The company has a reputation for offering the most affordable and reliable services.

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