Reason for Rebranding to Blinkit

As we know that a major online grocery app has rebranded its name from Grofers to Blinkit. Do you know the reason behind it? Are they aiming for something bigger? Let’s see what can be the reason behind this sudden change.

We know that how quick commerce is expanding in India from online food deliveries to online shopping. You can get everything and anything if you have your mobile phone. ECommerce has completely changed people’s lifestyles and industries. People are now relaxed and they no longer don’t have to worry about going to markets. Now, what was the difference when the brand was called “Grofers”? Let’s look into this matter.

Earlier people have to wait for a longer time to get their groceries at their doorstep. Now, as the name says “Blinkit” which means within an eye blink you can get your groceries. Blinkit has aimed to deliver groceries with 10 minutes of the order. That’s why it is bringing a faster commerce space in the industry. Now people don’t have to worry if their guests are arriving or they suddenly they run out of milk. In such situations, they can just order from Blinkit and they will have order orders within 10 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

How is Quick Commerce Different from Regular Commerce?

In regular commerce, the online sites used to take 2-3 days to deliver orders. But the problem arises when people need sudden items such as any food items. People want something so that their order can be easily delivered with 10-15 minutes. That is when quick commerce steps in. in regular commerce, there used to be a big warehouse for deliveries. But now in quick commerce, shopping sites are planning to have small warehouses every 2 kilometers so that they can deliver on time. Their main aim is to promote 10-minute delivery. 

Why do Grofers opt for Quick Commerce?

Earlier many brands started the trend of faster deliveries such as swiggy, Dunzo, and big basket. The Grofers thought they might stay behind in this race. They analyzed that people are in search of quick commerce, they don’t want their order to take 2-3 days. In this way, customers don’t need to have a stock of items. They can just order the item whenever they need it.

Since people are busy in office works, managing their homes, and whatnot. Such quick deliveries can ave their time and effort of going to markets. Therefore the future of commerce is going to be quick. Now many such eCommerce sites will come up with quick deliveries. For example, Amazon is planning to deliver by drones.

The quick commerce business model of Grofers started back in august 2021 with aiming to deliver over 10 lakhs of orders in 12 cities in a week. In an interview, the CEO of Grofers said that they are planning to expand their business from groceries to daily use products such as chargers, safety pins, etc. In this way, they are going to be one of the biggest instant commerce brands.

Grofers also have some plans for those looking for their own grocery delivery app. They have their own grocery app development services for such people. They will provide Grofers clone for such services.

This was all about Blinkit and how they are planning to improve quick commerce in the coming years. The future is of quick commerce, just Blinkit, and your order will be delivered.

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