As we are familiar with the impacts of COVID 19 on everyone. Everyone and everything has been affected due to the sudden rise in the coronavirus across the country. Markets were shut down, schools were closed, offices were closed, people stayed at home for a long time, and many such things happened during that period.

How Do People Manage To Survive During The Lockdown Period?

In the early days of COVID 19 and the lockdown period, people struggle to buy essentials. There were no shops opened for regular use. People had to sacrifice buying vegetables for some time so that they can stay safe at home. One thing that helped some people a lot during those times. That is online safe deliveries. Well, most people didn’t use them before but lockdown taught everyone about these online platforms. Many were worried if these delivery guys follow covid protocols or not. But later on, these platforms themselves made it clear about their process.

The Most Evolved Startup During Covid Time

Do you know which online startups evolved the most during those times? It is a grocery delivery apps. Grocery was the most important thing that people needed at that time more than anything else. Since many platforms like Groffers, Bigbasket offered seamless and safe delivery services, they received a lot more orders in those times.

Mostly, all the delivery apps saw huge growth in downloads during the months of April, May June, and July of the year 2020. Getting instant groceries was the biggest challenge back then which was fulfilled by these online grocery apps. They made the process easy to use with safe deliveries.

How Are Grocery Apps Doing Now?

When people experienced instant deliveries during the lockdown period, they absolutely loved it. Talking about today’s time, many people are regularly ordering from these apps because of their easiness. In fact, online grocery apps are growing at a high speed right now due to many new features that they are adding to their apps. The instant deliveries will soon capture the whole market and will become people’s favorite thing.

Scope For Online Grocery Apps

If you are looking into this space there is a high scope that your business will book in the coming years. Looking at the past data, we realized that people have become comfortable in ordering from their comfort zones. They don’t want to step outside for little needs. They want even small things to be delivered to their doorstep.

Also, since many people are usually busy managing their homes, offices, children at home, they hardly get any time to go for groceries. In such times, instant grocery deliveries come into play. The app has so many features that people can order within a few clicks. These apps have made people’s life easier than ever. You can order anytime you want and order will at our door within some time.

Therefore, if you are looking to set up your own online grocery delivery business, it is an easy task. All you have to do is find a reliable grocery delivery app development service and you are good to go. After analyzing your target customer and area, you can choose any delivery app clone.

There Are Many Delivery App Clones Such As-

✦ Grofers clone
✦ BigBasket clone
✦ Zepto clone
✦ Instacart clone
✦ Shipt clone

All these clone apps have their own benefits and features. You can opt for any one of them after analyzing your target audience and knowing which app they use the most. the n you are good to go.

Below Are Some Features of Grocery Clone Apps Mentioned That Can Help You Decide Better-

1. Customer App Features-

✦ Sign up and login
✦ Search groceries
✦ Payment gateway
✦ Order history
✦ Real-time order tracking
✦ Reviews and rating option

2. Admin Panel-

✦ Registration and profile management
✦ Content management
✦ Order management
✦ Loyalty program orders and schemes
✦ Push notifications
✦ Analytics

3. Delivery Side App

✦ Order management
✦ GPS tracking and map system
✦ Digital wallet
✦ Delivery history
✦ Status update

4. Grocery Store Side App

✦ In-app chat and calling
✦ Inventory management
✦ Accept and reject orders
✦ Manage payments
✦ Customer support

So these were various features that you will get to see on your clone app. All these features and integrations will help everyone involved in the process.

Why Find Reliable Grocery Delivery App Development Services?

Finding a good development service can be a difficult task but we have made it easy for you. Success Sensations is a digital marketing company that is focused on providing grocery app development services to those who want to set up their store. In fact, you will find a demo for your app and then you can go for the real app. With experienced developers, Success Sensation has years of experience in leading these services.

If you are thinking that the prices must be very high, don’t worry. The company provinces all needs related to grocery apps at a minimal cost. You can have an app of your own with the minimum cost possible. Get your grocery app now and get started with your business!!


Since we saw how grocery delivery apps are playing a major role in today’s market, it is the best time to start your own online grocery delivery business. COVID had played a major role in kickstarting the trend of online deliveries and now people are loving it. Open your online store now!!

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