While the global economy continues to find ways to outgrow the restrictions imposed by the unrelenting pandemic, the onus is on the IT professionals to introduce newer growth driving elixirs. Believe it or not, IT professionals have been on the job since the inception of this resounding threat. While they were asked not to come to the office, they kept providing support from their homes, despite lesser resources at their disposal. Internet connectivity wasn’t easy to find and even machines had restrictions. Several workplace resources ceased to exist and at times, IT professionals had to work through the night, in order to make up for the lesser speeds, slower connections, and occasional hiatuses.

Isn’t Working From Home Easier?

Although it might seem so, IT professionals never enjoy working from home. Unlike a regular workplace with defined timings, the home environment doesn’t make it easy to draw defined lines between work and leisure. Moreover, individuals stuck at home due to the pandemic have to find ways to arrange food for the family. However, IT professionals kept hustling and continued to work round the clock for helping diverse industry verticals stay alive during the pandemic.

What Difference did the Relentless Efforts Make?

IT professionals are making sure that the banking sector receives the requisite impetus to keep functioning amid the challenges. Besides banking, even the trading houses continue to function, allowing individuals to make a living. Not just that, the entire healthcare machinery is still online courtesy of the relentless efforts of these IT professionals.

Online businesses dealing in essentials have the IT professional to rely on, even for support during the odd hours. Be it ATMs helping individuals maintain proper Cashflow or the ISPs offering uninterrupted services, it is the IT skill set that is keeping these segments up and running. Even the mobile application that brings groceries to your house is created and maintained by skilled IT professionals and developers.

IT is everywhere and it is the only probable force that is avenging the issues created by the pandemic, in the strongest possible manner. News channels can keep their broadcasting serves running due to their dedicated IT team that stays up 24×7. Not just that, anything and everything related to online learning, entertainment, and social media interaction further validate the credibility of the IT industry.

IT and the Essential Sectors

Apart from banking, IT professionals are working round the clock to keep the power grids active and our appliances active. Furthermore, the role of IT in the pharmaceutical industry is underrated but exceedingly important. Be it looking at the lab reports or deploying any software to determine product composition, nothing works if the IT systems fail.


IT professionals deserve all the gratitude and thankfulness as they are working non-stop for making our lives smoother, even when the odds are stacked against all of us. From a distance, they are supporting the police team, cleaners, scientists, farmers, and doctors while making the job slightly easier for them. Despite reduced wages, restricted remunerations, and minimal sleep – IT professionals are leaving no stone unturned to give us a better life.


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