With the announcement of iOS 14 and iPadOS14, the iPhone software is getting a face hit. Now you can download the latest version, and may you notice several visual tweaks when you install it. These appreciated enhancements will surely enhance your experience. After installing this latest version, along with an app library, widgets, and Siri your home screen will look different.

How You can Download iOS 14 and iPad OS 14

Before jumping to the features, first, you may be wondering how to install them. Well!! Including the iPhone SE-2016, if you own iPhone 6 or newer, you can download it right now.

However, before installing the latest version, have a backup. Then open, the settings go to general, and then software update. Once you click on the software update, your device will start searching for the latest updates and will begin downloading them. It will hardly take a few minutes, and then your device will restart automatically.

Well!! Now when you are all set, we will take you within the best features of this new version. Plus we are sure it will grow more, so don’t forget to check for new gems.

✦ Get rid of app home screens: Earlier iPhone home page has been a grid of app icons. Now it’s time to change, and you can hide app pages you don’t use often. iOS 14’s new App Library acts as an app drawer; you can ditch all those apps for a convenient browsing experience. Additionally, it will allow you to hide the entire home screen panels with just a few taps.

Set default web browser and email: Yes, you heard right. Apple is now allowing you to control default apps. Though, right now, this feature is limited to web browsers and email apps, may expand to others as well. As an example, you can set Google Chrome as your default browser and outlook as your email app. However, for the new default assignment option to resemble, you will need to update your apps for iOS 14.

To set your default browser and email, go to setting and scroll down to the bottom of your installed apps. Select the browser and email app you want to set as default and tap on it. Also, you may see the default browser app and default email app, just tap, and it will set as your preferred applications.

Widgets: Might be you have noticed Today View on the left of the main screen, which may seem inconvenient to browse. Don’t worry anymore; now you can pull all those widgets on your home screen, and even can get alternate sizes for them. It will allow you to customize your phone screen and will enable easy access. Check Widget Library to see all the widgets apps you have installed.

Search the emoji keyboard: FINALLY!!! Apple has come with an emoji picker for exactly what you want. Open the emoji keyboard as usually you do, and find a search bar at the top of the keyboard.

Now Siri is revamped: Now, instead of capturing the whole screen, Siri will pop up like a small bubble at the bottom. Also, it can access information across the web and can send voice notifications to you in the messaging app.

Watch your favorite YouTube videos in Picture in Picture mode: So how it works? Instead, to stay on any particular app, you can swipe it up off the screen to leave that app running, and the video will automatically narrow down to a floating window. Either you can hide an app or can move off the edge of the screen, but still can have audio playing and can use full screen for something else. However, the YouTube app doesn’t support PiP right now; you can watch the full-screen video in safari mode.

Translate app: With Google, Apple is moving to the new translating feature. Currently, it is supporting 11 languages. To turn the conversation mode, keep your iPhone in landscape view, it will enable the side-by-side view for both parties.

iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 are available as free updates, and you can install them by following the above-mentioned process. Don’t get surprised if your apps are misbehaving for a few starting days.

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