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Make your customers happy with the help of the Viber clone app. You are just a step away from achieving growth. Just do a Viber clone!!

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Viber Clone Script

Messaging apps are an essential part of our lives. It has made many tasks easier than ever. We can connect with the world from any corner just because of messaging apps. It can be of great help when it comes to networking. It is useful for everyone from children to business people. With this thought, we have a Viber clone app that allows you to make use of instant communication to connect with your knowns. Apps like these have made every task easier. Now, we can send an important message even if we are miles away in just a few seconds. This has come true only because of apps like Viber. It plays a dynamic role in our lives. Users only want the privacy of their data in these apps. But along with complete privacy, there are a lot more features in these apps. We as a new-age software development company provide a well-responsive, customized, completely safe, secure, and user-friendly messaging app called the Viber clone app.

What is a Viber Clone Script?

Viber clone script is a well-detailed and structured document that contains every detail about the clone app. It consists of coded programs that we use to develop clone apps. 

The Viber clone app can fulfil all your requirements to make a network across the world. This app is all for those who wish for apps like Viber with quality features. If you are looking for an app developer who can provide you with the best services, we have an experienced team of developers who can promise to deliver the best. Our Viber clone script comes with a bunch of features and integrations that can help a lot in your business. Our services are budget-friendly as well as fully reliable. We use cutting-edge technology to develop products.

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Key Features of Viber Clone Script - Highlighted Features

Secret Chat- All your chats will be completely private with the Viber clone app.

Group Audio Calls- Group audio call feature is available where users can connect with their group easily.

End to end Encryption- All the data is fully encrypted from end to end.

Group Video Call- Group video call feature is available where users can connect with their group easily.

Channel with Unlimited Users- Many channels can be created with unlimited users with the help of the Viber clone app.

A Comprehensive Workflow of the Viber Clone App

There is a wide range of options for creating Viber alternatives. The Viber clone app world in a customized manner from the very starting. A user can create an account after signing in using their mobile number. Then they can use it for their daily purpose. We use a primary protocol known as whisper protocol which means all the data that you enter is completely safe. Our script has many features and integration that make the Viber clone app stand out.

The apps like Viber mainly operates in four major phases-

first phase

The First Phase

At this stage, the user sends a message to anyone(receiver).

Second Chat app phase

The Second Phase

At this stage, the following messages get queued on the server until the respective receiver connects to the server. During the process, the message remains a grey-coloured tick at the sender's end.

Third Chat app phase

The Third Phase

At this stage, when the receiver connects to the server, the messages are finally delivered to the receiver.

Fourth Chat app phase

The Fourth Phase

In this last phase, after the transaction is complete, the message automatically gets deleted from the server. This ensures the privacy of data.

Main Features of the Viber Clone App

Add-ons for our Viber Clone App

Payment Option

Payment Option-

There are multiple payment options from where a user can transfer or receive money.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing-

With this feature, anyone can share their screen during live streaming.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming-

Through apps like Viber, businesses can go live anytime they want with several users. Using the Viber clone app, many members can easily join live streaming without any error.


Watch the Demo Before Agreeing for the Real App

A demo video can clear all your doubts regarding features and functionalities. You can also add features after viewing the demo.

Just sign up with your number and get started with it!!

Technologies Specifications

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Admin Panel

Why to Choose Success Sensation for Viber Like App Development over others?

White-labeled Solutions- We deliver white label solutions which means you can use your logo and name for the clone app.

Regular Updates- After the app is successfully deployed, we provide regular and timely updates to the app.

Result-oriented Approach- We follow a result-oriented approach as we focus more on the quality of apps.

Cost-free App Deployment- With the development services we provide cost-free deployment services on any platform.

Some Features of our Viber Clone Services

Cross-platform compatibility- We deliver cross-platform applications. Our developers are experts in this.

Quality control and testing- Our team of QA controls all issues related to the testing of the app. Finally, the app is completely safe from any kind of vulnerabilities.


Analyze customer needs- We analyze our customer’s needs and their business demands. Then we develop the required solution according to it.

Dynamic functionality- Our team delivers dynamic solutions for every need and requirement. Every functionality can easily be controlled by the admin.


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Yes of course. After the demo, you can suggest any changes accordingly. Even after the script is ready, we ask for your permission to continue with the app. You can also add any change at this point.

You need to pay only one time. The final payment dowd does not include any hidden charges.

We are always available for your services. You can reach out to our team in case of any issues, we try to respond as soon as possible.

After purchasing the app, we do not refund the amount. We don’t have any such policy.

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