‘Even with other players in the market, you can still make a mark for your online tailoring venture’

E-tailoring is a growing business and there are a few players in the market. However, most of them haven’t been able to decipher the concept completely which signifies that the market is still open for new, skilled, and functional players. That said if you are really interested in starting an E-Tailoring website that deals with e-commerce specifically for the tailoring industry, you must be aware of the standards and the process involving material procurement, designing, and product marketing.

Getting Started

If you are interested in tailoring eCommerce, you must specifically look for a website or rather interface that excels in offering the best shopping experience, multichannel support, unmatched customer experience, intuitive design, and exceptional knowledge regarding garments.

Store Management

While we believe that you have marketing and warehousing covered, it is necessary to pay attention to how the eCommerce stores shape up, in your quest towards better store management. If you are new to this industry, it is important to concentrate on an aesthetic yet minimalistic layout. Provisioning for videos, images, and a self-explanatory interface is necessary.

You must opt for smart images which are interactive and do not look flimsy or copied. It is always good to use images of your own line-up to drive traffic and increase conversions. Furthermore, you are better off with a website that loads fast and is move optimized which eventually can help multiply your sales.

Pop-ups are annoying and therefore it is necessary to concentrate on a layout that’s organically created and makes way for seamless and non-invasive navigations. Lastly, the customer support system is a pivotal aspect of the e-tailoring business. The trick here is to offer personalized support to improve customer engagement levels.

E-Tailoring Website: One-Stop Ecommerce Store for Bespoke Garments

If you are still searching for an eCommerce store builder that will adhere to all the mentioned guidelines, it’s time to look at our interactive and professional E-Tailoring website. This product is precisely calibrated for startups and involves innovative technologies for the best possible user experience. E-Tailoring website makes sure that customers need not visit the brick-and-mortar tailoring shops, in the era of social distancing.

They can select the fabric, design, feed in the measurements, add in the address, and make the payment while this store readily delivers the tailored clothes at your doorsteps.

E-Tailoring Website Includes:

1. Dedicated 3D Designer
2. Easy Garment Customization
3. Seamless Dashboard Access
4. Continuous Price Display for the Exclusive Garments
5. Payment Integration
6. Extensive Products Menu
7. Support for Elaborate Product Descriptions
8. Diverse Color Combinations
9. Pre-Tailored Selection
10. Separate Section for Custom Shoes
11. Detailed Review System for additional Credibility
12. Support for Interactive and High-end Images

More about our E-Tailoring Product:

Our E-Tailoring product comes with several innovations, including the all-new 3D Designer. This built-in tool enables your customers to get their own garments stitched online by choosing the type of fabric, style of clothing, color contrast, and overall measurements.

Once you upload the details and make the payment, the garment gets stitched in no time and is shipped to you. The responsive front-end using React JS makes sure that you can change the layout, menu structure, and other elements, if and when desired.

Your customers can also experience a seamless checkout process while getting all the price updates for specific, high-end garments.

Business owners can add clothing segments based on their manufacturing process and stocking capabilities. Our payment integration makes it easy for your customers to make prepaid payments using PayPal.

What Choose our E-Tailoring Product?

Unlike other players in the market,
✦ Our feature sets are more extensive and intuitive.
✦ We have a dedicated designer in store for you followed by every other aspect that entails a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
✦ Our product is tailored to fit the E-tailoring landscape with precision.
✦ We understand that a new player might take some time to adjust to the changing landscape and this is why we aim to offer our E-Tailoring solution for giving them an edge over other businesses in the existing arena.
✦ We offer every form of clothing customization, based on fabric, design, color contrasting, and individual measurements.

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