How Does A B2B App Trigger Sales Automation


We live in a world where everything can be technologically enhanced and these technological developments are changing the way we go about with our daily routines. Technology has made our life easier and everything is made comfortable.

Businesses are also using this technology to offer better services.

Gone are the days when humans used to type all the messages and manage all activities. We have a computer that can manage data efficiently and carry out all the required tasks without making any mistakes. We at Success sensation offer app development services and you can trust us to develop the perfect pp which will help in automating the required tasks.

What is automation

If you feel like ordering a pizza, you simply open an app, select the required toppings, type of crust, select the size, and finish building your order. You simply click on order and your order is then processed and the pizza outlet prepares your order. This is called automation, there is a POS system which automates all the processes. The chefs at the pizza outlet get a detailed description of your order and you will get an email saying that your order has been confirmed and the estimated time of delivery is also mentioned.

How a B2B app can help in sales automation

Scanning business cards and storing the details directly in a CRM One of the most stressful tasks is to copy the details of individuals from their visiting cards. When you go to any business conference or a gathering there might be hundreds of people who might approach you and give you their visiting card. These individuals are potential customers and you have to contact them individually.

A B2B application can help you scan a visiting card and these apps are designed in such a way that they collect all the details in the visiting card and store them automatically. It becomes very easy to build a database and now you can send emails and messages to these potential customers easily.

Automatically adding events to Google calendar

We see a frequent change in sales opportunities and these changes make a lot of difference. The different departments working on sales should know the status of the operations and not all of them check their CRM every day. It becomes important to notify the staff instance, senior managers, accounting, or administration prefer to see the changes in their own calendar instead of checking the salespeople’s sales system.

Automated B2B applications make changes in everyone’s calendar and the status of any operation is updated in real-time. This helps in increasing productivity and all the tasks are completed on time.

Adding leads to CRM directly from the landing page

Customers fill in digital forums and answer simple questions when they open an application or visit a website. Automation helps the business as the application collects all the details, processes the information and according to the answers and options selected by the customer, a custom home page is developed. The home page will include all the products which the customer is likely in need of. This will help in increase in sales and the insights are very much useful for the company.

Helps in creating a chain of events

A business might have a huge list of existing customers and details about these customers is very valuable. The contact information like email and phone number can be used to send promotional offers. It is not feasible to copy and paste the entire database every time while sending emails. Automation via applications helps to upload the database in one go and the applications allow the business to send emails at particular intervals.

For example, you can simply upload 10 different emails at once and select a time interval of 2 days. The fort email will be sent to everyone and the second email will be sent after 2 days automatically.


These are just a few examples of how a B2B app can trigger sales automation. We at Success sensation offer a variety of services that can help in automating your daily business tasks. Our services are extremely reliable and we have a reputation for standing up to our client’s expectations and developing the best applications for them.

We, at Success Sensation have a team of highly qualified developers and they have experience in developing all kinds of applications. You can head on to our website to know more about the services we offer.

How Can App Clips Help Your Business Acquire More Customers


Apple is considered a luxury brand and they release the top of line smartphones. Apple runs on iOS which is very different from android and this operating system is what makes it so special.

Apple rolls out intriguing new features every year and soon apple users can get their hands on the brand new iOS 14. Every iOS version comes with some benefits and the iOS 14 comes with a lot of interesting features and one of them being Application clips. Success Sensation is best IT Service Consultant in Italy. Success Sensation provide best Web Development, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Services in Italy.

What is Application Clips

Application clips or app clips are usually under 10MB and these app clips are snippets of general apps. These sippets are completely functional and work in completing a dedicated task. These app clips are very fast and they don’t take up too much power. This way users can save a lot of space on their device and also make sure to have all the required apps that they need.

Importance of App Clips

There are millions of apps in the app store and they are new apps being added every day. If apps continue to grow in the same way, it will become harder for apple to manage all the applications and run their algorithms.

Businesses will have to spend even more money to get into search ads, get recognized through SEO, and also to acquire new customers. App clips save the business from a lot of trouble and save them money as it allows a business to create new features without having to develop a whole app and market it.

We at Success Sensation have an experienced group of developers who are pioneers in developing app clips and we can help in developing all kinds of app clips just to fit your business needs.

How do access app clips?

Businesses can develop these application clips and make them available for users very easily. Users can simply open the link through the Safari browser, scan the businesses personalized QR code, make use of an NFC tag, or even open up these clips from iMessage, Safari, or Apple Maps.

Once you access these links the phone will detect the app clip and there will be a small popup at the bottom of the screen and it will have an option “open”. You can simply click on open and make use of the app clip.

Another good feature of these App clips is that the app clip stays installed on the phone only if the user accesses it. The application gets deleted automatically in 60 days if it isn’t opened even once.

How can App Clips help in acquiring more clients?

We at Success sensation help in the key areas of customer acquisition and that is to –

  1. Maximize the visibility of your App (Application Internet marketing )
  2. Deliver usefulness or performance to clients

Imagine waiting in a long queue in a supermarket and stressing about reaching home at the earliest. There is no way of escaping this situation. The supermarket can simply place NFC tags near the checkout counter and customers can simply place their phones over the NFC tag, access the app clip, make a payment and save a lot of time for themselves.

Using these app clips makes it easier because users need not search for the app, install it, create an account, add payment options, and then make a payment.

There is also an essence of comfort that comes into play. Users generally prefer going somewhere where they can easily complete all their activities. Using App clips makes it easy for

  • Getting a gift certificate or get a discount coupon
  • Making bicycle or electric scooter rental payment
  • Getting facility access ticket validation
  • Development of electronic queue management
  • Processing cafe order payments
  • Payment for cars park spot rental
  • Easy hotel self-check-in
  • Etc

Additional advantages

Businesses can also get useful insights from the app clips as they can track how many users are making payments regularly and how many haven’t used the app clip for more than 60 days. This information helps to develop even better features and to improve customer satisfaction.

It is also easy for a business to create separate features and release them as different app clips. There is no restriction for users to download app clips and they can download unlimited app clips on their phone.

Businesses can think creatively and use these features to develop campaigns and to offer their services easily. They get to reach out the targeted audience and attract more customers


Business can finally focus on promoting certain parts of the application and if customers like those specific features, they download the complete application. There is a huge scope for opportunities and business can bridge a lot of gaps using these app clips.

Head on to our website to know more about our services. We offer the best packages and customer satisfaction is what we care about. If you want your business to grow and get more customers, getting help from Success Sensation is the right thing to do.

Benefits of a Native Mobile App In Logistics Management


Logistics is one of the most complex parts of a business and it includes managing a lot of components. Logistics plays a crucial part as it involves the transport of transportation of the product and materials and also manages other operations like a warehouse, tracking, and many more.

If logistics is one right any business can improve the quality of the goods and services. Using technology can help in managing all logistics-related activities and a simple tool such as a native mobile application can help you manage everything related to logistics. These apps can help managers to track the transport expansion, load management, and planning of load.  Success Sensation is best IT Service Consultant in Italy. Success Sensation provide best Web Development, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Services in Italy.

Importance of managing logistics through apps

Before technology was so widespread companies and businesses used to wait for days to receive their logistics consignment and it was also hard to communicate with the logistics team. There were a lot of problems regarding the delivery and there was a delay in all aspects.

We at Success Sensation help you by creating a feature-rich logistics application and you will have all the data you need under one tab. Our developers are professionally qualified and are also experienced in developing logistics management applications. We follow a customer-oriented approach and deliver to the needs of our customers. Whatever your business might be, getting logistics development from Success Sensation can surely help you increase your productivity.

Benefits of using an app for Logistics management

  • Tracking on the Go
    With the logistics application all set up, you can monitor the performance of each and every vehicle and get an estimation on when the consignment will be delivered. The apps help the logistics team to be aware of deadlines and if they are falling back on work, the application sends a reminder for everyone to increase the speed to get them back on schedule.
  • Easy management of Warehouse
    Logistics is not all about transportation and delivery, the first and one of the crucial parts include collecting goods from the warehouse and getting them ready for delivery. Having a Logistics management app helps the managers to know where the particular stockpiles are located and it becomes easy to find anything in the warehouse. This helps to save a lot of time and it also increases efficiency.
  • Quick and Accurate processing
    Managers dealing with logistics have to process a lot of data and take quick decisions. Following up on data becomes very easy once companies start using mobile apps. All the data is uploaded accurately and there are hardly any miscalculations. This helps the managers to coordinate between each and every operation without any delay.
  • Flexible delivery process
    One common problem that logistics supply chains face is the problem of flexibility. There is almost no scope for changing the delivery locations and changing drivers and even if managers try to do some changes at the last minute, it can result in a lot of stress. A logistics management app has a list of all the available divers, their strengths, their favorable locations, and all the details. It becomes easy for managers to make some last-minute changes without facing any trouble.
  • Real-time information
    Using a Logistics management app can help in coordinating with the other departments and helps to increase efficiency. The app shows the real-time location of the vehicles and the app automatically processes the speed and calculates the time for delivery. This app also makes it easy to manage a group of vehicles and help in sticking to the determined schedule. There are many other features that give insights about a driver’s driving style like how many times did they cross the speed limit, how many times did they apply sudden brakes, how many times did they come to a halt, etc.

Building a Logistics management application :

It is not an easy task to build a logistics management application. We at Success sensation focus on the needs of the company and work on figuring out how a company handles operations from the warehouse to shipments.

We take suggestions and note down the requirements of our clients and add in some additional features that would help the client. Our developers give their hundred percent and develop the best possible application. We have a reputation for standing up to the expectations of our clients and also delivering quality services. To know more about our services and our brand you can head on to our website and explore our achievements.