On-demand food delivery services are booming in recent years. The reason for the same is the increase in online customers. There are many benefits that online shopping provides. The reason for the increase in food delivery apps is customization, reliability, ease to use, and comfort. It is just a few seconds of work to order online. There are many food ordering apps available worldwide.

According to recent data, UberEats is one of the leading clone scripts in the food delivery business. Many businesses are going for the UberEats clone script because of its amazing features and customizations.

If you are searching for the right clone app for your business, you would get the best solution here. Talking about UberEats and how it can be of great help to your business.

Starting an online food delivery business is not an easy task, but it seems to be easy when you have apps like UberEats that have made most of your work a piece of cake. With the help of the UberEats clone app, you will be given everything that you wish for. Whether it’s live tracking GPS, live chat feature, responsiveness, or an admin panel, you will be provided with all of these in just a single app.

Before buying the app, it is necessary to know about it, so here is the workflow of the UberEats clone app.

What is an UberEats clone?

It is a customized and reliable on-demand food delivery script that helps businesses and startups to set up online food delivery services. It helps to make their tasks easier with the help of several features present over there.

Benefits of having UberEats Clone

✦ Help reach potential customers
✦ Budget-friendly
✦ Increase online visibility
✦ Improve services

Workflow of UberEats Clone App

1. First Phase: It is the phase where the user can look out for restaurants and food items. Then they can add items to their cart for the final payment.
2. Second Phase: The admin tracks the order details filled by the user. The order is passed on to the restaurant. The restaurant owner receives the notification regarding order details. Then the admin gets notified from the restaurant side with the status of the order. Then the order is passed on to the delivery executive.
3. Third Phase: Now the delivery executive accepts or rejects the request accordingly. If it is accepted, the order is finally delivered to the required location. If the order is rejected, it is passed to other delivery executives. The executive can navigate via a GPS feature present in the app.

Necessary features of UberEats Clone App

1. Customer App

✦ Easy log in/signup
✦ Multiple payment options
✦ Quick search
✦ Order history
✦ Reschedule order
✦ Review and rating
✦ Real-time tracking

2. Admin panel

✦ Dashboard
✦ Assign order
✦ Manage payments
✦ Reports and analytics
✦ Manage customers, history, order details
✦ Manage advertisements

3. Delivery agent app

✦ GPS integrated system
✦ Driver’s private dashboard
✦ Route optimization tool
✦ Profile management
✦ Work status
✦ Live chat
✦ Delivery history
✦ View earnings
✦ Reschedule order

4. Restaurant panel

✦ Order alert
✦ Manage menu
✦ Manage transactions
✦ Manage orders

How does the UberEats Clone Script Benefit You?

✦ Built with the latest technologies and integrations
✦ Perfect white label solution
✦ Top-notch features
✦ Multi payment options
✦ Review and rating
✦ Instant search

Because of all these reasons, the UberEats clone app is a leading food delivery app. It is used by most businesses. It is cost-effective also which makes it most demanded. If you aspire to set up an online food delivery business, the UberEats clone app is the best option to go with.

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