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Every in-house employee, if and when connecting with the client in general, through emailers, live chats, or social accounts, must not disclose his or her identity. Any form of correspondence must be initiated as Success Sensation, regardless of who is behind the wheel.

T&C; For The Business Developers

In addition to each one of the mentioned terms and conditions, Business Developers handling job portals, exclusive employee accounts, and payment-centric platforms must be discrete at all times. They should not misuse company or client credentials in any way or add any other account details that haven’t been validated by the company.


Every employee needs to sign the Non-Disclosure agreement, regardless of the projects, he or she is handling. Most importantly, once the NDA is signed, he or she becomes legally bound to refrain from approaching any competitor and sharing company details. If the norms are violated, he or she will be subjected to legal action, as per the Delhi Jurisdiction.

Working Hours

Every full-time or contract-bound employee must adhere to the working hours of the organization and any failure to do so must be justified with validated reasons.

Client Interactions

In any case, he or she shouldn’t directly take any work-related queries, assignments, or deliverables up with the client, without keeping us in the loop. Any deviation from the given terms will be subject to legal action.

Loss Of Revenue

In case the employee doesn’t adhere to the deadlines and the client cancels or downgrades the project for lack of deadline obligation, the loss of revenue will have an impact on the penalties levied on the employee, regardless of his or her reasons for the same.

Freelancers T&C;

Even the freelancers, who have signed NDAs with us, cannot approach the client directly or take up any payable assignmentbefore getting a clearance certificate from us.
Each one of these terms and condition are governed, enforced, and construed by the laws enlisted by the Indian government. If and when any of the conditions are violated, Success Sensation is bound to take legal action against the concerned employee.