What All It Takes To Build An On-demand Laundry App?

Home services, cab, food, laundry, and dry cleaning services are getting really popular and the demand for these services is skyrocketing. The laundry services are getting popular because businesses offer services to collect the clothes from the customer’s residence and the clothes are taken to the laundry center where they are cleaned, dried, and ironed. The cleaned and ironed clothes are then delivered to the customer.

How Does A Laundry App Work?

User downloads the application and the first thing they do is to create an account
An account can be created easily by linking the phone number with the application and by entering a few details
Users can browse the laundry services and select a package
The user has to select a time slot for the pick-up and drop of clothes
The admin will then check the slot timings and confirm the order
The clothes are picked up from the customer’s house by a dedicated laundryman
These clothes are then cleaned and ironed
The laundry guy will then deliver the clean clothes to the customer

Featured Required At The Customer’s Side

✦ Easy and quick sign-up– The sign-up process should be simple and it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 minutes to set up an account. There should also be a quick ign up feature through linking google account or mobile number.
✦ Service options– There should be various service options available to use users. The customer might need laundry services for cotton clothes and the availability of gentle wash options is a must in such cases.
✦ Pickup schedule– The customers can choose the pickup timing as per their convenience through this feature. Customers can either drop off the clothes or select a dedicated place for pickup for clothes.
✦ Cost– There should be a dedicated feature that will estimate the cost of all the available services. The cost will be calculated depending on the number of clothes one selected and the type of washing required.
✦ Real-time tracking– Another additional feature is order status. Customers can track their orders in real-time with the help of this feature.
✦ Order cancellation– There might be an emergency and the customer might require to cancel the order. The cancel order feature will help in sending notifications about the canceled order.
✦ The customer offers– Offers are essential for any services and the customer offer feature will have the list of available offers and there should also be customer referral rewards.
✦ Payment gateways– Be it an Android app development or iOS app development, your app needs to facilitate customers with multiple payment options. It can reduce time and increase convenience for customers. You can directly get access to the funds through payment gateways.
✦ Reviews and ratings– It is important to have a rating feature where customers can rate their laundry guy and the pickup person. These reviews will help others choose to avail the services or not.

Featured Required At Laundrymen/Admin Side

✦ Login– The employees working as laundrymen can access the application and look at the orders by login into the application. There should also be a secure login feature that will only allow the employees to log in and access the data.
✦ Dashboard– There should be a proper dashboard with all the details about the order. The information should be clear and easily accessible. The laundrymen can see the data like the number of clothes, type of material, booking date, etc.
✦ Order history– The order history feature will help the laundrymen to know their customers and this will help to understand their preferences. Loyal customers get special offers and loyalty points.
✦ Reminders– Calendar and reminders can help the admin to send push notifications in real-time. This feature also enables the laundrymen to schedule and accomplish their tasks with ease.


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