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Let’s first understand the value of having an on-demand doctor app. Suppose, you have to rush to your office for an urgent meeting but suddenly you get a severe headache. All you know at that point is that the meeting is much more urgent than going to see a doctor. Now you are confused about whether to go to the doctor or attend the meeting.  At such a point in time wouldn’t it be great if you can just take 5 mins out and visit an app and find your solution. This is what a doctor app does in general.

These on-demand doctor apps are focusing on providing an instant fix to health-related problems. People can just open this app and have a one-on-one conversation with their doctor. Having such an app has solved many problems. People no longer have to visit hospitals for minor issues. They can just use this app for anything. They can easily get prescriptions, consultations, and precautions on the app.

Benefits Of On-Demand Doctor Apps

There are many benefits of using an app like a doctor’s app. It can solve many daily life problems in people. Some of the eye-catching benefits associated with the on-demand doctor app are the following:

Improvement In Patient Outcome

Patients no longer have to visit a doctor for small problems such as headaches, stomach aches, wounds, etc. Visiting a hospital has a lot of processes. Booking appointments, waiting for the scheduled date, and going to the hospital take a lot of time. Using the doctor app can reduce all these worries in just one go. In fact, in many hospitals, doctors are in a rush to see so many patients. Therefore, in such a case the doctor app can provide you with one-on-one interaction.

Less Paperwork

As discussed above, visiting a hospital even for a minor issue takes a long time of patience and paperwork. The app works in the complete opposite direction where there is no need for any paperwork. All you need to do is book your appointment and e-meet the doctor on time. It has majorly reduced the time and distance between patients and doctors.

Higher Level Of Convenience

On-demand doctors apps have given a high level of convenience to patients as well as to doctors. The patients can just see the doctor whenever it is required. They don’t need to wait for hospital appointments to come. In rural areas, there are only a few hospitals in nearby areas. It causes a lot of problems for general people. They have to travel a large distance to visit a doctor. In this case, the app reduces their distance effectively.

Reasonable Services

These services provide real-time benefits to patients. All the features are very reasonable and effective. It has cut down the traditional approach.

Decrease In Hospital Readmissions

As it is clearly understandable from all the points mentioned above that the main purpose of on-demand doctor apps is to provide as much assistance to their patients as possible. Therefore, it can be concluded that patients do need to admit to the hospital for minor issues.

What it has done is that it has reduced the number of hospital readmissions without compromising the quality of service that is being offered to the clients.

Higher ROI

These doctor apps are beneficial to the doctors in equal measures as they help the doctors cut down their expenses on equipment, hospital staff, and infrastructure. It helps in maintaining a higher ROI as compared to before.

Mature Work-Life Balance

The introduction of apps like these has provided a work-life balance for many people. For example, a doctor can see patients even while traveling or on a vacation. They don’t need to cancel their plans.

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General Features Of On-Demand Doctor App

Features Of On-Demand Doctor App For Patients

User Sign-In

Users can sign in to the app using email or mobile numbers. Once they are signed in, they need to login into their account using that email or mobile number and the password associated with it.

Video Medical Appointments

Video calls are the main feature of the doctor app. Users can video call the doctor who is available for checkups. This feature is developed in consideration of user security and safety.

Search For A Medical Specialist

Using this feature, a patient can find a medical specialist for an urgent need. They can also look out for the nearest doctors using the geolocation tap. The GPS is integrated with the feature to provide users with real-time data.

Reviews Of Doctor

After receiving treatment from a doctor, the patients can review and rate the doctor based on their services. If they want, they can also recommend the doctor if patients are satisfied with the service.

Payment Gateway

After taking consultation from the doctor, the patient has to pay the required amount to the doctor as their fees. With the integration of multiple payment gateways, it becomes easy for users to choose their preferences. They can pay through any mode of payment available on the app.

Features Of On-Demand Doctor App For Doctors

Doctor Panel

It is one of the most important panels on the app. The doctor is the admin of their panel. They can customize it accordingly. The panel contains every detail about the doctor such as timings, information about patients, calendar, etc.

Management Of Appointments

Doctors can easily manage their appointments on their availability. They can also set their timings. All the appointments are managed by the doctor. They can increase or decrease the appointments to be done in a day.

In-App Messages

This feature allows patients and doctors to send secure messages within the app. The messages can include sharing prescriptions, reports, x-rays, etc. All the data associated with their chat is completely safe from any third party.


All these were some features and benefits of doctor apps in day-to-day lives. It has given many benefits to users in many senses. Not only this, but it has also reduced the cost of visiting a doctor in a hospital. These doctor apps are a feasible solution for many people.

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