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The food delivery industry is growing at a very fast speed after the COVID period. After then, most of the people shifted to online resources for their basic needs such as groceries, food items, clothes, etc. As per data released by the Statista website, the total number of people ordering food items via online mode is increasing by 2x speed. Due to this reason, the food delivery industry is one of the fastest-growing global industries.

The online mode of food delivery services has pushed offline business owners to move to online platforms. This is because online platforms have seen a huge growth in sales when compared to offline platforms.

Advanced Features Of UberEats Clone Script Or App:

UberEats clone script comes with a lot of advanced features that are very much loved by the audience. Here is a list of top-rated advanced features present in UberEats.

Manage Address:

This feature has helped people to add more than one address on the app. It allows users to change addresses every time they order food. They can also modify existing addresses present there.

Filtering option:

The filtration option allows users to filter the search based upon many factors. Users can sort the menu as per their choice. There are some filters already given there.

Different payment integration:

This is one of the most popular and most used features present in the UberEats clone script. The app allows users to complete payment through the app only. It provides some options for payment such as PaytmGoogle pay, etc. It also allows users to pay using credit and debit cards.

Bill estimation:

This feature allows users to estimate bills by considering several factors such as the first order offer, Restaurant Vendor fee, distance to be covered, weekend offer, and much more.

Note making:

This feature allows users to attach custom notes or instructions for preparing food while ordering.

Favorite restaurant:

This advanced feature allows users to add their favorite restaurants to their favourite list. Whenever users want to order, they can directly go to the favourite list and order from there.

Calculated delivery charges:

It provides users with exact delivery charges for ordered items. The final charge includes GST, the total price of food items, and reduction due to offers and cash backs.

Event booking:

This option allows users to book food items in bulk numbers. It includes ordering for large events like parties, get-togethers, large meetings, marriage functions, and even more. Using just a few clicks, users can order food just within no time.

Offer packs:

UberEats clone script offers regular offers, cashback, and other factors. These offers were provided by restaurant admins and other festive offers.

Product list:

Due to this product list feature, customers can get an idea about the food that is available in a particular restaurant. It depends on the restaurant owners on what to add and delete from the product list.

Email notification:

Once the order is confirmed by both the user and restaurant, a proper Mail format with the details of the service such as the final bill breakdown, the service provider’s details will be sent by mail to the users. Through this mail, users can get all the details about the order.

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Benefits Of UberEats Clone Script

The main and topmost benefit of having an app like UberEats is that it will help you to gain recognition in the market. It helps one to connect with their target audience in a better way. The UberEats clone app comes with so many exciting benefits that will boost your business productivity. The customized and fully functional UberEats clones script is a vital and effective component of the app.

Some Benefits Of The UberEats Clone Script Are Mentioned Below-

It is highly cost-effective- Building an app from scratch costs a lot of money and time. But on the other hand, customized apps like the UberEats clone script takes a lot less time and money.

✦ These apps take less time to launch in the market.
✦ The app is completely secured and safe from cyber vulnerabilities.
✦ The helpline is always available 24*7 for any kind of issue.
✦ A strong UberEats clone script that helps businesses to make addons to the application.
✦ Inbuilt GPS for the live tracking feature.
✦Integrated with multiple payment options that help users with many payments options.
✦ Customized dashboard for delivery executives, users, restaurants, and the admin.
✦ Strong admin support that helps in managing so many features in the app.

These were only a few of the benefits. The app has a lot to give users such as a rating and feedback system and exciting offers, cashback. Therefore, if you want to set up your online store, get your apps now without further adieu. You won’t regret it, just an UberEats clone!

Now if you have made up your mind to get an app for your business. There are some reasons how it will benefit your business. To stay in the market for a longer period, you need to deliver what your audience demands.  In this case,  Apps like the Uber Eats clone script provide a complete pack of services to the target audience.

Wrapping Up

With the increase in user demands and expectations, food delivery apps have come a long way from offline stalls to mobile apps. The features and integrations present in these apps are helping the customers and restaurants in so many different ways.

With the pace that the business is growing right now, the food delivery industry will soon become one of the top industries contributing to a country’s economy. On-demand services like these have taken over the market.

All the features and benefits of the UberEats clone script are mentioned above.

Therefore, if you have made up your mind to get into this, this is the right time for you. You are already familiar with all the features of the UberEats clone script. You can go for any food delivery script such as UberEats clone script for your business.

Just an UberEats clone!!

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