Technology is changing day after day and we have new gadgets and tools coming up. Businesses and retailers are going digital and e-commerce is getting really popular. If you are one of those people who are here to get some tips on how to develop a good website then you are in the right place.

The two major applications that help with the development of a website are Shopify and WordPress. These tools are used by many different websites and their functionality is completely different.

Shopify is a web application that has been developed in PHP to help others develop their e-commerce websites without any problem. Shopify is one of the biggest brands and it helps a business to get their own domain name, access to PayPal, Various e-commerce related features, a shopping cart, and other useful features.

Shopify has also different themes and templates that a business can use. The interface can also be customized to fit the exact needs of a business. The advantage of using Shopify is that you don’t need to hire a professional to write all the code and develop an interface for the website. The design and the code are readily available for different types of e-commerce sites and if a business needs some tweaks and customizations they can use their regular developer to make the changes.

Even beginners can learn how to use Shopify and with minimal knowledge of HTML and CSS, they can get their website up and running within a very short period. The problem with running a website is to host it and there will be problems on the hosting front as well. Shopify is a hosted solution and all the solutions come from Shopify’s own servers and through which developers can host the website. There is no need to buy any web hosting and developers can rent the software by paying a monthly fee.

WordPress is one of the most powerful online tools and most 29.9% of all the available websites use WordPress. The first thing that you should know is that there are two varieties of WordPress that are available. One if and the other is The .com version of WordPress is hosted by a different company and it is extremely useful for developers but the .org version is more popular.

WordPress. org allows users to customize their website as they like and they have access to various powerful and reliable tools that allow developers to shape the website however they like. Developers have access to themes and templates that they can use to make the website look more vibrant and dynamic.

WordPress is also an open-source application and there is a large community out there who develop third-party plugins and developers can find these plugins easily and add them to the website to make it more powerful. Developers can use WordPress to solve different problems and host the solution onto your server for free, but there will be costs for hosting that solution

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